When Hark Sampang is hit by Rabi Lamichhane, Hark makes a strange comment about Ravi.

After the party registration process was completed, Rabi Lamichhane went to different places of the country with the election symbol of the National Independent Party and started meeting with the people. After reaching the sub-metropolitan municipality of Hark Sampang, who is currently in the news in the country and abroad, Rabi Lamichhane met with Hark and openly praised the work done by him. A person like Hark had a chance to come to his party, saying that he saluted his work.

Rabi, who has been traveling around the country for the promotion of the party, has said that he will continue to make the independent party successful after losing hope of change from the big party. After meeting with Rabi, Hark Sampang said that Rabi Ji came to help him in labour. He said that there was an exchange of good wishes between Rabi ji and him. He said that he is doing two types of work in Dharan. He said that the first task is to avoid the immediate problem and the second task is to solve the problem in the long term.

Rabi Lamichhane has said that in order to change the country in the future, every person in every part of the country has to fight continuously. He said that by keeping his agenda in front of the audience, the National Independent Party will never do anything wrong and will continuously fight for the rights and interests of the people and programs of the people. He said that if he likes the party agenda, the person and the way they work, he should join the party and start working for the public interest.

Hark Sampang became the mayor of Dharan sub-metropolitan city after becoming an independent candidate. After he won, people asked him to cut him off when he walked alone, when he wore slippers, when he was walking. He said that he will continue to struggle until he cannot provide service facilities. Hark Sampang has said that he has not done anything, this should be the wife of the people living in Dharan. He said that he should congratulate himself on the day he fulfills his election promise to the people of Dharan.

He said that he is an ordinary person and that there should be a change in life, so for development, he said that he will advance his work from the simple work of breaking gravel and carrying stones to big work. He said that Mayor Hark Sampang will find a water source, bring the people along with him to break stones and reach the water to the consumers, if everyone is together under the same label, the intimacy will also increase, if a large amount of money is saved up to 50 million, this amount can be spent on health education. He said that although he had to go to jail when trying to bring out such information, now he can search for information about things he does not know.

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