When his own protector became a predator. . Why are dogs so respected?

The dog is our pet, it protects the family, because it has a lot of power to detect the smell, so the dog is kept for its own protection. Due to the fact that dogs have many qualities, Hindus have worshiped dogs on Yama Panchak, put flower garlands on them, cooked sweet dishes and eaten them. It is mentioned in the book that the relationship between dog and man is not only when they are alive, but also after death.

The dog that is a selfless security guard of the house, the owner of the dog in the neighboring nation of India has lost his life. Susila Tripathi, a 81-year-old resident of Bengali village of Kesar Bagh, in Lucknow, the capital of Puttar Pradesh, was attacked by a dog in her own home on Tuesday morning. A retired teacher died after being bitten by a dog she kept.

On Tuesday, while walking the dog on the roof of her house, after the pickbull started attacking her, she was seriously injured when the dog bit her stomach, face, head and hands. When the dog A was about to bite, even though she tried hard to escape, she was able to escape from the dog. At that time, when the dog was about to bite, only she and a working woman were in the house. When she heard the woman screaming, when she reached the roof, the old man was covered in blood.

Even though he was taken to the hospital after being bitten by a dog, the doctor informed him that he died immediately. According to the doctor, he died on the way before he was brought to the hospital. At Susila’s house, they brought and adopted another Pitbul dog. This is the third time in India that a member of his household has been attacked by a Pitbul dog. 2 months before Lucknow, a similar case was seen in Haryana’s Yamuna and Rajasthan in 2021.

Indian media have informed that Pitbul breed dogs are in 23 cities of India. In India, a license is required from the Municipal Corporation to keep dogs in the wild, but Susila kept dogs without a license. If a license is not obtained, there is a custom of 5000 fine. In some countries, this breed of dog has been banned. The municipal council has now requested that if the dog shows any bad behavior, contact the veterinarian immediately, and do not keep the dog that does violent activities.

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