When is the ban being lifted? How is the preparation? which areas to open now?

Prem Prakash Bhattrai, Chief district officer of Bhaktapur is welcomed in today’s session of “Janta Janna Chahancha”. In this episode the chief is asked whether the ban is going to be opened or not. What types of preparation are made for it and which areas are going to be open? He is also asked whether the vehicles are allowed to run or not and if they are allowed then what type of restrictions will be there?

Program “ janta janna chahanchha” is a talk show presented by the journalist Rishi Dhamala. Dhamala is not only a journalist but he is also a founder of a Nepali journalist association of Reporters Club Nepal. He also works for several other medias in Nepal. He is also the host of The RD show on the Himalayan Television. Apart from this, he also hosts the show Nepal Bani Network’s Bani Bahas. He is also the editor of his own online news portal. 

Talking about his biography, he was born on 12th November,1964 in Dhading district, Nepal. His native name is Durga Raj Dhamala. He is journalist by occupation. While looking towards his educational qualification, Dhamala completed his primary level education from Sankha Devi Primary School, passed his SLC exam from Janaprabhat Secondary School in 1992 and an done the Intermediate in Arts from People’s Campus, Paknajol and his core subject is politics. After that, his academic education had been stopped. But in an interview, he said that he has a strong zeal for pursuing a Master degree in Political Science. 

Rishi Dhamala had a lot of difficulties at KTM before becoming a popular journalist. After the democratic movement in 1990s, Dhamala came into limelight as a popular journalist renowned for his cunningness character. Dhamala also sometimes get trolled in social medias because of his harsh and rude style of presenting the question to the guest. But there is no point to troll him because all the personalities have different way of presenting themselves until and unless they harm others physically. Because all the journalists have right of presenting themselves in their own way without crossing the rules and regulations. He was married to Aliza Gautam and has one daughter and one son, named yerika and yerik. 

 The show “Janta Janna Chahancha” hosted by Dhamala presents all the political, social, religious, cultural, architectural and economic conditions of our country Nepal. The show is hosted and presented by our active, energetic and bold character Rishi Dhamala. In his show, he brings news reporters and influential figures from Nepal into an interactive platform.The show tries to dig into the root problems of the country which includes corruption problems, health, education and political problems of the country. The show is presented on Primetime television. It has the agenda of finding the depth problems of the Nepalese people and discussing what kind of solution can be developed to resolve it.

 Many questions are raised by the Dhamala in the show to the different political figures, artist, singer, dancer, program presenter, sportsman, journalists, and so on. He is known for his energetic and fabulous personality who conducts the program in a very amazing style. The aura of Rishi Dhama is really pleasing. In his talk show, he welcomed the different guests of the country and presented the question that the citizens of the country wanted to know. In some episodes, he is talking about the political problems of the country, corruption done by the many political and governmental figures, things that are not provided by the leaders which they had been promised for the Nepalese citizens. He also talks about the transportation, health and educational problems that the Nepalese people are facing in day to day life. Unlike the other journalists, he is rarely afraid of throwing questions to any of the guests who are welcomed in his show. His fearless and courageous character gained the popularity of the show.   

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