When Keki and Rima were not there, Sandeep and Dilip had fun.

Dilip Rai Majhi, who has always excelled in the Nepali film industry, Sandeep Chhetri, who excelled in caricature acting comedy, Shiva Pariyar who is popular among people from children to the elderly, Keki Adhikari who has excelled in acting everyday, Rima Vishwa Karma and others.  Has brought My Daily Cup USA and My Voice Cup USA into operation.  According to people affiliated with the organization, Nepali citizens living in the United States are constantly taking steps to promote Nepali language and culture.

Saying that he has got the opportunity to be a judge of regular competitions in many countries of the world, Dilip said that his aim is to do a good job in Nepal.  Rayamajhi said that since his chair is his acting, he will move forward by learning a new lesson from everything.  While Keki and Rima are not at the press meet, Dilip and Sandeep are having fun on various things.  This competition, which is being built on the special role of the great artists in the field of Nepali art, seems to be a part of the transformation of many outstanding artists.

Sandeep Chhetri, who is affiliated with the Inter Foundation, said that the facilitation was done by Dilip Raimajhi, a famous Nepali artist, to get close to the organization.  He says that he has enjoyed a lot of work in the program.  He said that he was very happy and excited to see the work done by the organization for the benefit of human beings and human welfare.

Sandeep said that the goals and concepts of My Voice Cuff USA and My Nitya Cup USA, which are being done by Inter Foundation, are different.  He said that as it is a social organization, he believes in making a significant contribution in playing a positive role in the society.  Suresh Adhikari, Deepak Jung, Shiva Pariyar, Dilip Raimajhi, Mithila Sarma and Sankar Bisi have been associated with the program, said Sandeep.

Sandeep said that the program will play an important role in finding talents from all over the world, creating a good program and finding good talent.  He said that they are going to hold two competitions on the special initiative of the Delhi authorities so that the present generation should not forget our culture when they go abroad.  With a larger purpose in mind for the future, all people are expected to play a key role in moving this work forward, and reaching out to people around the world.

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