When Maiti reached Nepal: The secret of the girl taking shelter was revealed

Sidhakura Janata Sanga, a program broadcast by News 24 Nepal, has been addressing the concerns, complaints, and questions of the Nepalese people, and has been raising the problems of the people.  In today’s episode, the patient Sarmila was earning her living by buying a handcart with the help of people living abroad, but after her handcart was seized by the metropolis and the government did not listen to her cries, people living abroad and at home have helped her a lot.

After the girl, who filed a complaint accusing Sandeep Lamichhane of rape, was kept in Maiti Nepal, people raised slogans and requested her to leave.  The case of Furwa Moktan, who imprisoned his wife as a honey trap, has taken a new turn.  Although Furwa said that his wife married him to eat his property and divorced him after the property was in his name, now his wife has said that Furwa did this to eat his property.

A common citizen who is happily earning his living abroad, who is silent.  The program “Sidha Kura Janata Sang” which is being developed by raising questions in the voice of people who have no one to speak and listen to them, has worked to wipe the tears of many sad victims.  Whether it is rescuing people trapped abroad or raising the problems of people who have not received justice within the country, they have worked to give some relief to people’s lives.
From people trapped abroad, raising questions about injustice in their own country, to giving justice to common people, this program has been raising voices.  For the first time, Rabi Lamichhane conducted the program “Straight Talk with the People” by raising the voices of people in different countries, in a state of pain, in the streets, the sad, the poor, the homeless, those who are not well-off, people who have given up hope from all places.

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