When Oli, Mahantha and Upendra were fighting inside Jaspa, Jaspa broke up.

Due to the dominance of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, the CPN-UML has reached a state of disarray. The UML has split, but only a formal announcement remains to be made. Opposition party Janata Samajwadi Party is also facing the same fate as UML. With Oli dominating even within the party, a situation of division has emerged within the party.
JSP Chairman Mahanta Thakur and parliamentary party leader Rajendra Mahato have given a heartfelt message to Prime Minister Oli to stay in the party.

Instead, Thakur Mahato has received a gift of an ordinance on citizenship and is preparing to taste the government. Upendra Yadav and Baburam Bhattarai have been saying that the move of Thakur and Mahato was wrong. That is why both sides are waging a war of explanation. On the other hand, the Thakur faction has been saying that the Yadav faction does not have the status to ask for an explanation as it is the first chairman of the party, Mahanta Thakur.

According to Jaspa leader Dr Surendra Jha, Upendra Yadav did not have the status to ask Mahanta Thakur for clarification. Saying that the political background of Upendra and Thakur is not compatible, he intends to leave the party without being able to get along with his friends.

The recent activities in the party and the two presidents have started issuing statements saying that they will take action against each other. The party’s executive committee is empowered. In which Yadav has a majority. But most of the MPs are from Thakur’s side.

The then Janata Party and the Samajwadi Party had declared unity on April 26, 2008. At that time, there was a dispute over who would lead the Jaspa. Even at that time, Upendra Yadav was under pressure to unite after the Prime Minister infiltrated and issued an ordinance to split the Samajwadi Party. Even now, after losing two-thirds of the votes, they are taking the minority government with them. Thakur Mahato, who has been known as a partisan of India, is being visited by Oli in Indian embassies and Baluwatar day by day.

They have also addressed the Citizenship Vidyayak and Madhes Movement, which have been dismissed as illegal in the past. Not only that, there is talk that Oli is trying to make Mahato the Home Minister. A joint statement issued by Chairman Thakur and Yadav on June 16 was the basis for the preservation of the JSP. However, as per the process of forming the government as per Article 76, Clause 5 of the Constitution, the party has re-emerged.

Thakur has leaned towards the prime minister while Yadav has reached an agreement with the opposition. The two presidents have been accusing each other of breaking the agreement. If Thakur had wanted, a new government could have been formed. But he is trying to save Oli.

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