When Priyanka met after Kiki marriage

After the wedding, meeting with Priyanka on the shooting set, she has danced to her song with joy, when the month of Shravan is approaching, female sisters and brothers enjoy her in a special way. For which, when the month of Shravan is about to come, the artists are very busy to produce this special koseli. Keki and Priyanka, who have become models in the song that is about to be released in the new market, have celebrated it with a lot of fun.

The song of Naya Teej has been shot in the acting of Keki Adhikari, famous actress Priyanka Karki, who has made an incomparable contribution in the field of Nepali movies and music videos. Priyanka has said that she was upset when Keki got married, she made Keki happy when she talked about Hanumuni’s baby. Keki said that when she did not realize that she was married, she used to wonder whether she was married or not.

She said that people’s lives change after they get married and have a child. After having a child, they want to call home every now and then to find out about the child’s well-being. She said that even though it was freedom before, today everything has changed. She said that people’s lives change one after another after having a child. She said that Priengyaka would often tell her husband Ayusman that she is like a child, that she has become the mother of a child. She said that after becoming a mother of a child, she makes herself responsible.

Since she was interested in business, she studied management, she entered the film industry, although she did not get much market while making her first film, but if she is preparing to make a film, the comedy she produced has been considered a success. Keki, who started acting in Swar movie, has acted in many movie music videos. At the beginning of the year, Kiki, who was honored with the Janaseva Shri Puruskar, will be getting married. The heroine, who has entered the Nepali blackness field and led her life in a different way, talked about marriage.

In the Nepali Kalakarita sector, those who say that new talents should be encouraged, have been hindered in free marriages recently. Priyanka has told that the journey has been made so far due to the love of many viewers in the Nepali Kalakarita area, covering the real events happening in the Nepali society, a music video has been prepared, which shows the lives of many people. Nowadays, the real life of a person is different, so that his life is not marked. This music video has been prepared by covering love and family background of people.

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