When Raju Pariyar’s father left, Badri got emotional and went to meet him

After the death of the famous folk singer Raju Periyar’s father, who earned the title of folk voice emperor while competing in the field of Nepali song music, another folk singer who has been competing in song music for a long time – who is Nepali and Nepalese – has been staying with him.

Badri Pangeni, who is singing patriotic songs covering life, Ka Mana Ka Betha, has reached Raju’s house to meet him.  People who are struggling with Nepali songs and music, including people who are working in other fields, reached out to the family to console them.  He said that he was sad that he could not meet his close friend’s father when he was alive.
The 72-year-old father of Raju Periyar, who succeeded in winning the hearts of people living abroad, passed away on Sunday morning.  Singer Pariyar announced the news of his father’s death through social media.  Pariyar, whose house is in Chisapani, Bensishahar Municipality-2, Lamjung, was living in Chitwan Bhimnagar today.
Nathi Pariyar, who has been suffering from lung-related problems for the past 3-4 years, was treated in Kathmandu some time ago, but after her health did not improve, she was taken to Chitwan.  Badri Pangeni, the outgoing president of Lok-Dohori Prasthan, reached his residence in Ward No. 20, Purbi Bhimnagar, Tudikhel, praying for the late father’s abode in heaven.
Many people, including the ward president, visited Pariyar’s residence and paid tribute to his father, asking him to grant him the strength to be patient in times of grief. He was being treated in Kathmandu and was brought to Chitwan two months ago after his health improved.

He suddenly developed a health problem at his home in Chitwan on Sunday morning and died during treatment at Bharatpur Hospital.  Mangal Singh (Nathi) has 2 wives, 6 sons, and 2 daughters.  All the families are working in their houses according to Hindu customs, methods, methods, and traditions.

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