When Ram Kumari Jhakri resigned, she cried at the press conference

Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhankri has resigned. She resigned at a press conference at the ministry on Sunday. She resigned after the CPN-U decided to change the minister. Along with him, another UCPN-M minister Prem Ale has also resigned from the ministry today.

Despite allegations during the local elections, Rabbi Lamichhane, a well-known former journalist, spoke openly in favor of Kathmandu Mayor Balendra Shah. When the mayor of Kathmandu fought, Ravi helped him with joy and Balen won. Can Balen help Ravi now?

Of course, there is no direct meeting and no old relationship between these two people. However, as the atmosphere was becoming favorable for Balen, the rabbi had taken Balen’s phone conversation. Not only that, they also openly appealed to everyone to support Balen on social media.

Lamichhane had openly supported independent candidate Balendra Sah, exceeding the limits of his professional code of conduct. Writing the status on social media, he had called on the candidates other than the Congress-UML to withdraw their candidacies and call on Balendra to win the mayoral post. He sided with the religion of neutral journalism.

His call benefited Balen, but now that he has left journalism and entered the political arena, everyone is wondering what kind of support he will have for Balen in the coming elections.

Of course, there are many people after Rabbi. He has been popular since long before Balen. But with Mayor Balen in the next election, everyone is confident that it will be important for Rabika.

Rabbi has now resigned from television and announced that he will run for the House of Representatives by opening a political party. According to sources close to Balen, a person in a public office like the mayor is waiting for the right time as he is not in a hurry to speak in favor of any candidate.

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