When Sabita Bhandari mother-in-law came to the media crying

The death of Sabita Bhandari of Chitwan is becoming more mysterious. Savita’s relatives have demanded an investigation into the incident. On Monday, Savita’s mother-in-law cried and said that she had no hand in the incident and loved Savita very much.

Her mother-in-law said that she loved Savita very much because she was suffering from depression and was a nurse. “I have been working as a nurse for a long time, so I know how to take care of the patient,” she said.

But Savita’ mother called her mother-in-law and asked why she didn’t call me after the incident. Savita’s mother said that if her mother-in-law had called and informed her about the incident, I probably would not have filed the case. He said that Savita’s mother-in-law and her husband had said that the incident had taken place at the same time.

According to Savita’s father, it was the police who forced him to understand the body. According to the father, the police did not register the complaint prepared by the lawyer. Her father and mother have alleged that Savita died due to her father-in-law and husband in Amaju plan.

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