When Sonam arrives to see the cold people without health, Deepashree cried 3 times

When the movie “Chiso Manche” was released on Friday, July 19, Khadka reached the hall and got a lot of praise for her health. After watching the movie, Deepashree Niraula has said that Chanchle Swasthima is immersed in the real character and everyone should believe her. Deepashree Niraula has said that she cried happily in the three scenes of the movie during the middle part of the movie, Swasthima and Arpan Holiday. He said that even though Puja and Sonam have been traveling together for the last time in the new project, Sonam went alone to watch the movie Chiso Manche and it turned out to be a movie as she had imagined.

Although she was not close to famous artist Prakash Subedi and some other artists in the early days, the relationship was not so close. The film manages to entertain as well as inform, according to the production team. Basnet, the heroine of the movie Chiso Manche, which was shot in the far western language culture, said that she liked the language culture very much.

Although she is a good person because she is close to Nischal in health, she said that in the beginning, she used to say no, why, rather than do some work. Swasthima said that she had never asked God for anything, but she used to bow down a lot. In the field of Nepali cinema, one movie after another is being screened in the halls. In this movie, a married girl who has just passed away after falling in love with another man, is a subject that Nepali society cannot accept and believe. In Nepali society, once a married woman’s husband dies, her life is spent in misery, cost and restrictions, and her own dreams are shattered.

The film depicts the situation in which a married woman still has to embrace the siege of a society by falling in love with her. To avoid that, the two have the same role, which is to understand each other, he said. In the movie, when Swasthima and Arpan are in love, when the father is in love with the daughter-in-law, the father-in-law is very sad. Paul is very sad when a father carries his son’s body in old age and the movie shows how far he can go after his daughter-in-law falls in love with another man.

Arpan said that even though the eyes of the people are bad everywhere, the work and behavior that they do, the work that is done depending on themselves is explained, according to the habits of the people, the bad is correct. Arpan said that since all kinds of incidents are happening in the society, one of them being rape, it would be better if someone gave it without hurting anyone’s feelings. She said that strict steps have to be taken to end it. Walking in a different way from the dream she had imagined, the actress feels that Swasti has lost something to get something good in her life.

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