when Srishti tells about the feeling of being pregnant

In the press meet of the movie Radha, which is going to be released on the 10th of Bhadai, the hero Sougat and the heroine Srishti were asked when they will become a couple. Srishti said that when she saw that she was pregnant in the movie, she felt that the love of the parents for their children would be very deep, and that it would lead people’s lives in a different way. Sougat said that even though she does not feel that she is a father, she will get married soon.

Sougat said that Srishti was chosen by the team and that she was cast in the movie because she is an actress rather than a lover. The music video of the special song of Saugat Lai Prasad Dui is going to be released in the market, Shristi Shrestha and Priyanka Karki have acted in the song, they have openly praised each other. Nischal has said that if you change the topic even on a small matter, it will create a big difference, the same difference was created in the Prasad 2 movie, everything is positive about it.

Soon after the opening of the lockdown, one after the other movie theaters, the announcement of the movie “Prasad 2” under the direction of Sudarshan Thapa has been made. The story of Sushil Paudel is in the movie which is going to be produced as Prasad’s Sikkoil. It is said that Raj Katwal will play the lead role in the movie, along with hero Bipin Karki, heroine Namrata Shrestha, Arpan Thapa. It is said that the filming will be started from Gamencha in Pokhara after two days. Till the set is ready for shooting, Kalakar will explore the village and Rajanraj Sivakoti will have music in this movie.

A journalist who reached the announcement of the movie asked Sudarshan whether Pooja Sarma will be in this movie or not, Sudarshan replied that it was a stupid question. were Although there are rumors that Bipin Karki will get a lot of salary in the movie, he has said that if he gets a lot of salary, he would not have so many movies with him. Since he has many films, he has not got the schedule of shooting till Baisakh month, so he requested not to be offered for the film. Bipin Karki, who has been struggling in the film industry for a long time, has been taking his steps forward by achieving success in one work after another.

Bipin said that since he is working in collaboration with Sudarshan for the first time, this project will be good and memorable. Even though our team is small in the Nepali film industry, Surdsan himself and other members have said that they started working because this team is good, because they are practical with everyone. Bipin Karki is very popular as he has been getting offers from Nepali foreign movies lately. People are facing various struggles in their life, even though most of the actors have finished their work, Paul Sah considers his work to be his work with hard work and unity. He said that it would be better to have a team.

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