When the locals stopped the work of Nagdhunga tunnel, the Japanese almost returned, so the project would not remain silent.

When people break into any work, the concerned party hears the voice quickly, nowadays there is a lot of movement breaking in any work.  After the locals broke into the office of the Japanese Nepalis, as they were preparing to return to Japan, they convinced themselves that this would not happen again, said project chief Nareshman Sakya.  He said that after the people started reacting in different ways, they started vandalizing even after listening to other people’s words.

As the work on the Nagdhunga tunnel was progressing, water was flowing inside the tunnel, water was coming in, water sources outside were drying up, locals were coming on the road as water sources were drying up, they had to struggle to get water, locals said.  Nandu Subedi, chairman of the struggle committee, says that they have to come to the streets as the water sources are drying up as they are dependent on farming.  Locals have demanded that the construction company and the government act in accordance with the agreement and not allow the locals to be harmed.

As the work on the Nagdhunga tunnel progressed, water began to seep inside, and the work was done to stop the flow of water by placing white plastic, the technical team said, adding that the plastic would remain strong.  He said that the road infrastructure has to pay Rs 1.14 billion for the construction of the road, but Rs 15 million has been allocated this fiscal year.  Is

He said that the budget required for the compensation was not released at once and the amount could not be paid to all at once.  The engineer has informed that the road construction work has been started after receiving additional relief of Rs. 310 million.  In the past, there was a lot of controversy over compensation, but now people are only talking about the amount they should receive, how long they will receive, and when their house will be demolished.  He says that the development is going well for the people and now they are getting along well from the locals to the center.  He is of the opinion that there is a lot of work to be done now, but he is sure that it will be completed on time.

“Some people’s houses have not been demolished, so they are talking about when their house will be demolished,” he said.  He said that even if there was any obstruction in the development works, they would only bring complaints about the general issue of non-availability of water. He said that they would be resolved immediately.  According to the engineer, with the help of local people, the work on the old DPR has moved forward.  He says that he has been advancing 300 meters every month, even though he has not finished all at once, he has done a good job.

Even if the development work is hampered in the beginning due to the inability to explain it to the people, later on, all of them are on the path of development.  He said that the road was being strengthened as it was a matter of pride and smallness of the Nepalis.  While explaining to the people, he said that after getting compensation, they got support from everyone.  Last month’s progress was 2.7, which is very good, he said, adding that this month’s goal is to go even further.

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