When the police arrived at the homemade brewery

The main source of revenue in Nepal comes from cold liquor cigarettes. The policy of the government of Nepal is to tell people not to eat but to put more emphasis on production.  Nepali liquor and foreign liquor are available in Nepal. In some societies of Nepal, children are still fed alcohol from an early age. Some of these people become addicted to alcohol and then stay away from alcohol.  There is a lot of evidence that gambling has caused many homes to collapse. The negative aspects of human beings are leading the society in a negative direction.

Police have raided a liquor production house in Pokhara Sub-metropolitan Municipality-29 and filled it with liquor.  People who drink alcohol that can be made in the same way tend to be in the market. Home-made liquor produced in Nepal is found to be better in terms of health if it is produced properly by combining all the evidences. People are so addicted to alcohol that they cannot survive without alcohol.  Alcohol is a human need.

There is a different story of alcohol used in human happiness and sorrow. Some people use alcohol as a medicine for pleasure and some as a medicine to kill fatigue in pain. In human life, some people drink more alcohol than water.  Alcohol has become a power for man and time has become a nightmare for some people. Alcoholism has become a power for man. People look at it differently.  In today’s society, alcohol has become mandatory in both happiness and misery. Alcohol makes a person and destroys many.

The liquor produced from locally produced ingredients is usually consumed by the villagers. The liquor produced by decomposing the herbs after completion of various processes and cooked is illegally produced and sold in most of the households.  Lately, people have been producing alcohol to make their children’s future and to keep their diary. Alcohol is not only used to entertain and forget the pain but also as a medicine most of the time.  If the government of Nepal does not make any rules for the production of local liquor, the producers are at a loss.

Lately, people have stopped believing even the police. The women of the house where the liquor was recovered, not only in our house, but also in everyone’s house.  He said that they are able to pay the fee. They were angry when they took away millions of raw materials from their liquor and told us to take the liquor away from us.  There is a saying that can be made. Non-chemical alcohol is not as harmful as other alcohols in terms of health, so most people are using home-made alcohol.

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