When there was a big fire in Bhrikuti Mandap, Balen Sah took the fire engine and risked his life.

At the same time, something different has happened. Similarly, a sudden fire broke out in Bhrikuti Mandap of Kathmandu Metropolitan City. Mayor Balen Sah, who was managing the fire brigade, rushed to the spot and brought the fire under control.

A responsible civic leader who thinks that he is serving the people also adds a kind of inspiration to the people by participating in their joys and sorrows. Locals said that it was difficult for people to put out the fire after the fire broke out. The fire broke out in the warehouse for some time and will become a big area in the business of Bhrikuti Mandap, said a businessman.

Some people have lost their lives due to the garbage in Kathmandu. Sisdol has been littered with garbage for a long time, some of them have lost their lives quickly, and now they have demanded to manage the garbage so that their children do not have to lose their lives in the same way. Health check-ups have been conducted in Sisdol for two decades to check the health of people suffering from health problems due to garbage. Expressing happiness over the operation of the health camp with special priority on the health of the locals, the locals thanked Balen Sah

Balen Sah, who has been interested in politics for 10 years, is also interested in astrology. He has also created the image of a social worker during the earthquake. Artists, pilots, ordinary citizens, students, children and the elderly were with him. After the Election Commission gave the election symbol to Balen Sah, he has attacked the head of the corrupt person and urged him to become the charioteer of old age by voting in the symbol of Balen.

“Our country is a country with great potential in all fields including agro-tourism. If we can take advantage of the opportunities here, Nepalis should stay away from the compulsion to go abroad,” he said. According to Balen, youth need to take the lead in changing Nepali society. He said that the youth should show their power in social change. While the old society and culture is changing, people are robbing others of their happiness for their own happiness. Even though the society calls me crazy, my rhythm is my own. I am happy in my own world. Many walk in the social culture and their own world. He urged to change the status quo.

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