When Tika Sanu reached Indreni after 2 years

After Tika Sanu left Indreni, a program that promotes language culture and culture, two years ago, the Indreni team has sung again with the team of Krishna Kadel Chhatra Sahi and others for the first time. Tika Sanu, Krishna Kadel and Chhatra, Mansingh Khadka, Syaam Rana, Robin Lamichhane, Sahi from Fhorti have entertained and surprised the audience by singing repetitions. The artist who has created a distinct identity in the field of song and music and has settled in the hearts of the audience has made the audience laugh.

The Indreni program is a program that continues to advance its journey to preserve culture and traditions. The rainbow program that has been awakening people has become like a temple. Being a talented charioteer of the Nepali people, he is a great person who helps the poor people by going to their homes and helping them. People who donate when they are with them and help others when they are not, people of Bhavna come to the Indreni program.

He has treated thousands of people who have not received treatment, and he has drawn the future of millions of people. Working during the day and walking at night, Kadel’s team is always at the service of the people, they visit the slums of the poor, ask for Kapcha, awaken new talent, and help the poor. People believe in Kadel with their eyes closed, he is a living god who tries to establish culture in the society by creating information according to people’s needs.

He is considered to be a great personality of Nepali society, Nepali people remember him in good times and bad. Because of the steps taken by Kadel, thousands of people have received the treatment of hemp, bas cotton. Indreni Team is constantly fighting to revive Sanskar. No matter how many people are fighting life and death without treatment, there is no one to help them. Even in the current situation, people are suffering a lot. Kadel, who calculates and uses the money sent by Nepalese citizens abroad, has become the living God of the poor people.

He said that since it is being organized for the first time in order to improve the public duplication sector, there is a lot of work to be done, so they will prepare the legislation and start new work. Krishna Kandel and Tika Sanu, who have sung many live dohris in Indreni, have sung folk dohris after a long gap. In the recent times, people have started to prefer the folk song music very much, due to which, it has been found that the Kalakars have been working to increase the inspiration to raise the Nepali song music.

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