When we reached the side of Chin, it looked like, everyone will see, Bhagya Neupane Olagchang Gala Tour

A short road connecting the northern border with the Nepal-China border, where many excavator operators come and go in fear, but Kul Bahadur Gharti Magar of Salyan is constantly cutting the road.  No one dared to cross the road as it was a rocky place, with rocks falling from the top and risking one’s life.  Going to the same Magar in the west, he continued to carry on his work continuously, he got Wahi Ahi from the villagers.

Kul Bahadur, who has been operating excavators for 12-13 years, has been saying that he has been involved in development works in many places.  He said that he has been digging the road continuously for 13 months alone as there is a lot of risk to work here and the newly arrived operators have to work for 1-2 days.  He said that he has been digging roads in many places from east to west, adding that the road is being constructed here with the objective of providing service facilities to the consumers.  He says that he dreamed of becoming a excavator driver from an early age.

Kul Bahadur said that he was happy to see many people getting service facilities and their lives on the road he started in the future.  He said that he was happy to see that even after his death, he was able to provide services to many people.  He said that he has not been able to contact Dada Kada at home for a long time due to lack of phone service.  He says that Kul Bahadur, who is unmarried, is engaged in this profession and it is too late for him to get married.

The actions of Bhagya Neupane, the editor of Tatato Khabar, had won over many Nepali citizens. For some time now, he had disappeared without revealing any information about himself.  The news came out to be.  Many people were curious about the fate of the people who were suffering and where they went all of a sudden.

Two or three of the news he showed were false, and after he started getting negative comments, his fortune disappeared without being seen on any social media.  He says that he has not been able to connect with the audience for some time now as his family has been infected in Korkana Lockdown.  He has said that he has returned to the same area with the old Jose Jagar.  He has presented the story of why Nepal is crossing the border in today’s series.

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