when you reach the house of the murdered couple

Nowadays, one after the other unimaginable events is happening day by day, which takes people’s lives.  Local 15-year-old Roshni Mahatara Kshetri and Dangisharan rural municipality ward no.  6 The body of 14-year-old Sharad Acharya, who was studying at his uncle’s house in Damargaon, was found buried in the forest of Damargaon on Sunday afternoon.

 Nowadays, tipper drivers are caught in some wrongdoing, as soon as this incident became public, the tipper driver was arrested by the police and taken to District Police Office Ghorahi after the mobile location was tapped.  The police officer informed that the investigation is pending.  “Just to understand the behavior and real relationship between Roshni and Sharad, the police called many people and interrogated and investigated them.
The police officer said, “As many children as we have brought for information, we have not found any evidence of their involvement.” The police informed that it was seen that both Roshni and Sharad were talking on their mobile phones until around 10:30 on the 27th of October. “Now we are among them.
We are trying to find out what kind of messages were exchanged,’ he said, ‘for that, the concerned authorities have been requested.”  It is said that there is a serious injury and there is a cut wound near the shin of one of the legs. While searching for his grandson, who has been missing for three days, Sharad Mavali’s grandfather got suspicious after seeing new footsteps in the forest.

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