Where did Chudio 38 quintals of gold, net in smuggling investigation? What does Ramesh Kharel say?

In Nepal, the rules and regulations are only for those who cannot reach the upper echelons outside the small access power.  In Nepal, crime and corruption are rooted in big houses. The root of bad deeds is Nepali politics.  The people have been saddened by the fact that ordinary citizens have to be punished even for small things.


Even if 38 quintals of gold is smuggled, the police administration will not be able to catch it.  They have a kind of importance. They are working hand in hand with all parties. They don’t feel any rules or regulations. They are not afraid of anyone.

After the gold scandal came out, many people jumped up and down to find out, but the amount was zero.  The incident has been slowing down. The District Administration Office, Morang, has also cleared the accused of the gold after not meeting him at last.

In 2075, 33 kg of gold from Thailand’s Thai Airlines went missing shortly after leaving the Tribhuvan Airport.  An investigation team was formed under the leadership of Iswar Raj Pokhrel. The team compiled a long list of people involved but no action was taken.

Former police chief Ramesh Kharel says that since the airport is run by political party leaders on a contract basis, some of the bags run on their orders, which are above the government and run by the police, are involved in politics.  He is determined to go to jail even while he is working. Since the leaders of the political parties are always in the forefront, the police will be demoted due to the positive work done by him.

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