which one is greater meditation or authority?

One Kor Kshetri was a person of great austerities, so he was liked by many people.  A person’s fortune turns around at that time when he enjoys doing it.  People nowadays get trapped in the outer shell, but they don’t know that the same thing happens to everyone from the inside.

 Although people spend a lot of time thinking that they are great in austerities and meditation, when a person begins to do something in a practical and practical way, he gains knowledge of many things.  We may say, that if a person never forgets his path and goes in the right direction, he will always walk in a positive right path.  Man is creating destiny with his actions.
Man’s life is also so amazing, people never know what time does.  We are wasting too much time with others, and the time we give is sometimes boring to us, the more people understand the time, the more they become stronger.  We have to learn to control ourselves so that we can keep our destiny in a good place, all the evils in society are not the same.  Everyone is determined in their own way, our mind guides us and we act accordingly.
Until people become spiritual, greed, greedy, hatred, love, beggars, sadness, and happiness will be in them.  Various things that happen to a person make him talk a lot, he doesn’t even know what is good or bad.  Due to these changes in people, many types of ups and downs are coming to people.  Until people understand their real life, then something or the other is bothering them.

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