While getting married at night in movie style, threats came from the in-laws

Hikmat Chand, who lost his mother at a young age, even though he did not know what the love of the family is, but after seeing his mother’s mother in Sapna’s eyes, they fell in love with each other laughing and joking. When Sapna’s house started to be crowded, Hikmat, who was separated from his family, fell in love with Sapna. He said that while living in Dhangadhi, he worked hard to make his dreams come true.

Hikmat and Sapna, who are known as the sweet couple on TikTok, were in love for a long time, but got married. He has said that viewers have started liking the couple who keep things between the family and the husband and wife on Tiktok. He said that this couple living in Lalitpur, even though it has been a long time since they got married, they went through many hardships in their early life and moved forward with their lives.

He said that since the story of Betha, which happened in his family, society and his life, was shown on Tiktok, Tiktok viewers liked it very much in a short time. He said that Hikmat, who lost his mother when he was 6 months old, later got to know a person and after he did not care about his mother’s mother, he left his family alone and came to Dhangadi to study. He said that after meeting Sapna when he was studying in class 11 in Dhangadhi, he got everyone’s love.

Although she used to tease the girls of the world, she said that after seeing Sapna, she stopped looking at others. Hikmat said that while studying in school, he used to flirt a lot, tease him, follow him home, and when he started talking about himself alone, he used to talk about himself. Sapna said that she got very angry when she didn’t come for one day even though she was delivering home daily for 20-25 days, she said that one day she said that my kidney is failing.

Why didn’t you come yesterday, Sapna told Hikmat directly holding her hand and saying “I love you”. He said that they should get married after they reach a good place, but they had to get married soon after Rista started coming to Sapna’s house. Although Sapna wants to marry Dhumdham, Hikmat has said that it is not possible from her hand. He said that Hikmat said that she had nothing, she was nobody, she would be sad when Sapna came with her when she was a lonely person, you should get married.

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