Who are the behind-the-scenes villains of actor Paul Sah? Actor Basnet made a frightening revelation.



Today’s headline in Nepal is with Sanjib Regmi, who has made a name for himself in the international arena, has received 6 Doon titles from the Korean government and has acted in movies according to Jackson.  Sah has spoken openly about the issue.  Basnet has also acted in Nepali Nai Nabhannu L2 and his Badri Bahadur movie is preparing to hit theaters in May.  Even though Jackson is already going to be super in Nepal, he has said that there is a movie of love in between.

Rajib, who is thinking of launching a good Yaxon movie in Nepal, has said that it is wrong to say that the two movies were made by Puja crying.  He said that Puja cried because he could not control himself as the real story of the movie and Paul Sah was the same.  He said that in order to make a person look good, to get the love of the audience, to do one thing on the outside and another thing on the inside, he is telling the truth.  Paul Sah, the great hero of Nepali movies and music videos and he has been making claims.

Now that the minor and his father have changed their statements in the market, the issue of Rs 150 million has come up and various issues of greed have also come out.  He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture and that his confession had been obtained through torture.  Although Rajesh Hamal is the great hero of the old generation, he said that the new generation is the great hero Paul Sah.

After Paul Sah filed a case in Tanahu on March 26 alleging that he had repeatedly raped her, Sah went to the police station on March 3 on the basis of a complaint.  The district court had ordered to send him to jail on April 26 for trial.  The case was registered on Tuesday through Sah’s lawyer.  Paul Sah’s own statements contradict his own, and his lawyers have not been able to save him.

Following the lawyers’ debate in the Tanahu District Court on Thursday, a bench of Justice Harris Chandra Dhungana remanded Paul Sah in custody for trial and released his manager Krishna Joshi on Rs 1 lakh bail.  Paul will now be held in solitary confinement and will be sentenced to life in prison if convicted by both courts.  Paul Sah is facing similar charges in two places, and if convicted, he will be sentenced by the same court, the lawmaker said.

After Paul Sah went to the shooting of the Chitwan music video and, 1-2 months after returning from there, he called and said that he had heard a lot of rumors about us.  Sah said that he was given a taucher to get married again and again and after being pressured to come in the media and identify himself as his wife, he told her to do whatever she wants in her own way.

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