Who are the superheroes, Shiva and Bhuvan?

Shiv Shrestha and Bhuvan KC, who have spent their lives in the development of the Nepali film industry for a long time, have made incomparable contributions in the field of film.  He has made a great contribution to the Nepali film industry by mortgaging his house and farm.  To be the power of the Nepali cinema world. His work has been highly respected by the Nepali cinema world. This role he has played in the field of cinema has earned him the same respect not only in the country but also abroad.

After a long gap, the two actors have started appearing in the same place. After 16 years, he says, he has done the same in the same place.  Shiva.  Shiva says that no matter what anyone says, Bhuban KC has made a big leap in the Nepali film world. He claims that Bhuban has saved the cinema sector.

Bhuvan Keshi talks about Shiva, who got to play international films from Nepal for the first time because of his good performance in the Nepali film industry.  He has given a high place to the world of Nepali cinema. He says that we are artists and we have emphasized on how we can develop the cinema sector rather than who said it is who I am.  We have been brought forward by the field of cinema. We have worked as an artist in cinema.

Shiva says that only Bhuvan KC can start the cinema sector which has come to a standstill due to Korna.  Bhuvan Keshi says that Shiva Shrestha is a superhero and he does not have the qualities to be a superhero. He says that he is perfect in all fields.  He claims that the Pakistani film he played has caused panic in Pakistan.

Both Bhuvan and Sib claim that they are not in the race for the title of Mahanayak.  Bhuvan K. Shi claims that the heroine is Karisma Manandhar in terms of beauty, Gauri Malla in terms of acting, Niruta Singh in terms of emotion, Rekha Thapa in terms of acting Yakson Emotional and Hero.  While giving the title of Mahanayaka in his own way, the division is going on. Sometimes Rajesh Hamal, sometimes Bhuvan Keshi and sometimes Shiv Shrestha are given the title of Mahanayaka.  It has become difficult to distinguish who is coming as the superhero heroine.

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