Who can get the vaccine starting from Tuesday

The Kathmandu Metropolitan City is preparing to give the first dose of the Chinese vaccine against Covid-19 to a 64-year-old man today. Vaccination centers have been set up in all 32 wards of the district from 10 am. Citizens who have reached the age of 64 can be vaccinated at the appropriate center. When you go to get vaccinated, you have to take a government document with a photo of your age. If you do not have this type of paper, you will need to contact the ward and get a recommendation.

In order to reduce the congestion in the vaccination program, KAMPA has decided to give one day vaccination to a person of one age group. The Department of Urban Health has published a public notice today to vaccinate the age group of 64 years, for the age group of 63 years, for the age group of 62 years, for the age group of 61 years and for the age group of 60 years.

If you have been infected with covidosis before, you should be vaccinated only after one month, vaccinate only on the specified days and go to the vaccination center only for the first dose.

For the first time, the government has been vaccinating frontline professionals, the chronically ill, etc. on a priority basis under the vaccination program against covid.Citizens in the age group of 65 years and above and 18 to 59 years of age including public representatives, health workers, employees, security personnel, journalists, teachers, professors, public transport drivers and co-drivers were vaccinated.

Earlier, the second dose of Chinese vaccine Verosel was given on May 20. About one lakh people had benefited from the vaccination program run by establishing a center in Vadastar till June 25.

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