who had sex with 1052 girls, has no complaints against those who call him a goat.

Madan Rai, who takes a practical view of life, says that even though many people call him a fool because he has had sex with many girls, he has no complaints. Madan Rai, who opened an education school in Khotang, said that he used to show anything experimentally. Even at the age of 74 years, he has said that he is working with the zeal of a 24-year-old. Madan Rai has said that the universities of Nepal are also useless. He has said that there are studies in other Bisayas. Nepa

He says that Nepal is lagging behind because many people in many places do not have knowledge about natural resources. If we look at the statistics of Nepal, many children and women die every year due to sexual exploitation. He said that Nepali society, which has saved society, human civilization and life, despite not understanding it, many people are walking in the wrong direction. The 73-year-old Baje born in Khotang says: We hide our natural qualities, and when I talk about sex, other people also cover their mouths.

Madan Rai tells about what everyone should know about, but many people don’t know about it, sex is the creation that builds society, society can’t be imagined without sex, people enjoy sex, it creates a new wave in people’s lives, sexual intercourse. As a result, blood circulates in the human body, so that the person remains healthy. Other parts of the body are also like sex. Without understanding, people live by showing other parts, they hide what creates the society, they say that sex should be shown more. Rai says: People should not be forced to have sex with anyone, it happens when they have sexual intercourse with anyone willingly, without sex there is no possibility of creation of animals, why should sex be hidden, everyone should learn about this area.

Rai, who studied about sex for a long time of his age, and understood sex experimentally, talks openly about sex. Agriculture should be the first priority, economy should be the third number, then others. If people give first priority to these sectors, they say that Nepal is a country rich in resources, so there is no need to do anything else. He says that Nepal has abundant resources for the development and transformation of society. Till now, he has visited 72 countries, Rai, he says that he has visited 77 districts of Nepal twice. They tell me to watch.

He says that it is very important to be practical about it, which cannot be achieved by just studying. He says that he has had sex not only with a Nepali girl but also with women from many foreign countries. Rai, who has had sex for 22-23 thousand days in his life, meets with 4-5 girls every day, says that he is fit despite his age in all areas. According to Rai, even though Nepal has enough soil to feed 10 crore people, due to the lack of sahi gyan, there is a need for outside countries to feed 3 crore people. They say that there is no one who is needed to develop the country, he says that when a person understands all the parts of his body from the bottom to the top, then the man will understand the world, otherwise he will be in the abyss of ignorance. He says that even at the age of 73, he can have sex like before.

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