Who is teasing the Nepal Army? Who forced Rajendra Chhetri to sign the SPP? ..

After the passage of MCC Nepal, the United States was continuously sending its representatives to Nepal. Recently, the United States had proposed to Nepal to send its troops to the highlands of Nepal and to carry out other activities. After word spread in Nepal that the SPP was about to be passed, some leaders did not hesitate to give their statements on the evidence of the lack of agreement. When the US embassy released a letter signed by the commander-in-chief, the leaders’ tongues were locked. Brave, fearless and having won the trust of all, the Nepal Army is now found to be losing its existence due to party politics.

It is understood that after the spp agreement, the Nepal Army is no longer as independent as it used to be, and is now working under the auspices of the Nepali political party. There is a lot of discussion now about who asked Rajendra Chhetri to sign the spp agreement. The “Time Cycle” program, broadcast on Yoho Television HD, seeks to expose the rampant, inconsistent, immoral, and law-abiding practices in society. At the present time people are suffering from one human being to another human being, human time is changing accordingly, doing various wrong and right things, which the time cycle has taken special initiative to prevent. The time cycle has taken the initiative to move people in the right direction, noting the wrong tendencies of the people.

Graphichis of this program: Ranjana Neupane, MRC: Amit Shrestha, Suman Chaudhary, Basant Saud, Studio Camerap; Purnan Subedi, Rajesh Dhakal, Camera Parsan: Shirash Shrestha, Ashish Ramang, Abhista Lama, visual editor: Suman Neupane, Reporter: Bikram Shrestha, Producer : Dhruba Rijal, Rheetu Bichur. The Yash program has played an important role in reducing the number of anomalies in the society.

In terms of socio-economic politics in Nepal, there are very few days when ordinary people can play with confidence that I am free. Ordinary citizens from the upper class are happy to be stuck in one thing or another. In order to live life, one human being seems to have struggled with another human being to advance his life. In Nepal, ordinary citizens have to struggle a lot to get justice. The real problems in the society are solved by the time cycle.

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