Who is this young lady in front of singer Rajesh Payal Rai?

There is a lot of talk about the marriage of Rajesh Payal Rai, the king who has been ruling in all fields from Nepali song music to background singing, modern easy music, pop to rock for decades. You can guess after watching this video.

Sometimes her name is associated with Nepal’s super hit heroines and sometimes with foreign celebrities. But even now, his fans are also worried about Rajesh’s marriage. So the question arises about her marriage. Rajesh’s name is sometimes associated with security. She is now found in Rajesh kitchen.

Rajesh says jokingly, my wish is to make a brother-in-law. They had a lot of fun talking and had a good time together. Rajesh and Suraksha have also been found together. Is there any real love between Rajesh and Suraksha due to the security of the cows and their pleasant conversation? You can guess after watching this video.

Rajesh and Suraksha are loved by their fans as a couple. Fans have been suggesting that Rajesh and Suraksha’s personal social network handle should get married. But security has also shown the possibility of marriage, not knowing what will happen tomorrow.

Earlier, Rajesh name was also associated with actress Rekha Thapa. Similarly, the name of Keki Adhikari was also associated with Rajesh by the fans. Now the name of security is associated with Rajesh.

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