WHO said: Difficult times are coming, be careful

After Corona shook the world, the world is under the grip of another deadly disease, starting from Britain to America, now a new variant of Monkeypox is spreading.  WHO has said that the infection of the monkeypox virus has decreased, if the control standards are violated, it can increase the infection in the next few days.  According to the head of WHO, although the number of monkeypox patients is low now, it will take a terrible form later, so he has asked them to be alert in time.

The first case of monkeypox in America has been confirmed, monkeypox has been found in a person who returned from Canada, currently, monkeypox has been seen in many countries of the world including Britain, America, and Portugal.  It rarely spreads among people and originated from the countries of West and Central Africa, people in this region come in contact with wild animals, and this disease is transmitted by the bite of wild animals or eating meat.

According to health experts, this virus is transmitted through the body fluids of the infected person. After contracting this disease, symptoms such as fever, fatigue, flu, headache, swelling, and red rash appear on the face.  Spots appear.  He said that there is a possibility that this disease can be spread even when having sexual contact with homosexual people.
After the outbreak of the covid-19 coronavirus from Ohan, China, it affected the whole world. After the world adopted health protection mechanisms, new variants of the coronavirus started coming one after the other.  As he is about to grow up, he requested to adopt health protection materials and take special care of his health.

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