Who tried to steal Shripech? Reality revealed

A person has been arrested for trying to retrieve the crown of the former king kept for observation at the Narayanhiti Durbar Museum. A man has been arrested for trying to snatch a shripach displayed at the Narayanhiti Durbar Museum.

Khim Bahadur Gharti, a 25-year-old resident of Rukum Musikot Municipality, Ward No. 11, who is currently living in Mhepi, Kathmandu, had tried to pick up a socks. However, the security forces took him under control and handed him over to the police, said Bhesnarayan Dahal, executive director of the Narayanhiti Durbar Museum Management Committee.

“Shripach is inside the bullet proof glass. When Gharti hit him with his hand, the glass cover outside the bullet proof is broken. He then tried to remove the khukuri from the socks inside the room. Chief of the Kathmandu Metropolitan Police, Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Ashok Singh said that Gharti was taken under control after he tried to take out the Shripach by blowing up his socks. He said that necessary investigation is underway by keeping Gharti at the Metropolitan Police Circle Durbar Marg.

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