Why did Balen leave the government in the middle of the program?

Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City Balen Sah, Ministry of Federal Affairs and Administration and Bagmati State Government had organized an orientation program in Hetauda by the people’s representatives of the local government. When people from other municipalities started swearing at Kathmandu, he could not stand it and walked away. He wrote on his social media that Kathmandu Metropolitan City is only one municipality for Bagmati Pradesh.

Since Kathmandu is someone’s birthplace and someone’s karma bag, they are requested to do good deeds in this day and age, rather than talking too much wrong here. Minister for Finance and Planning of Bagmati Pradesh Salik Ram Jamarkoti has left the program after giving various expressions as to why the people of Kathmandu, Dhading and Nuwakot should take the garbage. According to the locals, they have started dumping garbage in Banchare Dada and it has embarrassed the locals. The youngsters said that if everyone joins hands in the work that Balen Sah is going to do, it will have a good effect on everyone.

He said that 465 women and men who have been working in Kathmandu to make a living by sorting out the garbage produced in Kathmandu, have to manage their employment wherever they are. Balen said that since they have been collecting plastic and other processing materials in the garbage to support their families, Balen needs to understand that. He said that since there is no money to feed the children now, he has to take care of himself. According to the victim, he has been suffering in his community for a month now.

The people of Sisdol, Kathmandu have expressed their indignation that they have only been reassured till date, that they have not even given a shit in the name of development. He said that after mobilizing a special expert team, the aggrieved people there are now confident that Balen Sah will do something. The public outcry over Balen’s work is diminishing day by day, and he continues to use chemicals to remove odors from garbage.

Even if the garbage is piled up in one place, its stench will spread to many places, the chemical will be removed after removing the stench in it, the garbage will be buried after ten days. He said that he has implemented the task given by the Council of Ministers as soon as possible and the work has been taken forward. He said that any citizen of Kathmandu should start from himself to get out of dirty air and dirty talk.

Balen Sah, who has shown commitment to manage the garbage of Kathmandu, has been working tirelessly day and night after taking office to pick up the garbage that has not been collected for 17 days. After months of garbage piled up in the streets, the people of Kathmandu have come to believe that Balen Sah will do something. Every day, from the Parliament to the House, various people are meeting and responding.

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