Why did Mahabir suddenly flew to America ?

Dr. Mahavir, President of the National Innovation Center, has flown to the United States again. Kishor Rimal has been watching the entire work at the innovation center since Dr. Pun flew to America. He has been working as a volunteer at the center for the past 12 years. Rimal said that the volunteers who are helping the center are also helping to prevent this epidemic in the United States.

Support is coming to the center from different countries to stop the epidemic. He said that all the work being done in the innovation center is being done with the help of the general public.

Dr. Rimal said that he was concerned about how to immediately bring the necessary equipment to control the epidemic in Nepal. They flew back to the United States to rule out the possibility of bringing the goods from Chartered immediately rather than through a long process. Dr. Pun is currently looking after all the work that Dr. Pun has to do. The teenagers have been answering all the phone calls on Dr. Pun’s mobile phone.

According to Kishor, Dr. Pun’s number has been receiving around 400 calls daily. He has been giving his number on all social networks including Facebook. From asking about a simple PPE to working in partnership with the Center, everything has come up in all three numbers. The teenager says that he used to pick up the phone coming to Pun’s number with the objective of not being deprived of the service provided by the center at such a critical time.

Pun will spend a month in the United States during the epidemic. Over a period of one month, he will participate in programs organized by the Nepali community and volunteers in 35 to 40 states in the United States. According to Kishor, some financial support for the innovation center will be collected from the participants. Dr. Pun will also study how to prevent and manage covid immediately. The United States has placed Corona under uniform control. Pun will also discuss with experts whether these things are possible in Nepal.

Although Dr. Pun is still in the United States, Kishor said that he will do the work of the center from there. The teenager says that he has returned to the United States and is now focused on important work. Now that they are doing the job of providing information about PPE, talking about equipment, Dr. Pun has really got to focus on his level work. It has been almost a week since he reached the United States again.

Dr. Pun receives around 400 calls daily. The teenager says that the phone has been ringing since four in the morning. He said that Dr. Pun had given instructions before flying to the United States saying that he would pick up all the phones in his number, call back if he could not pick them up and solve everyone’s problems.

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