Why did Pooja Sarma say I love you? Akash Shrestha interview

After interviewing Akash Shrestha, Prakash Subedhi, who raised his voice in various activities in the field of art, said that Pooja Sarma sent him a message saying “I love you brother”. She said that Akash’s interview was planned and no one told her about it. Subedhi has said that he does not intend to make anyone good or bad and that he is raising his voice to bring out the truth.

Prakash Subedhi Rajapat Kaka and Rajini, who attended the inauguration of Mayur Beauty Parlor, said that the director has opened the parlor in such a way as to serve the people of all areas by cutting ribbons. Prakash Subedhi, who arrived at the opening of the program, openly talked about the program and many artists. Subedhi was discussed in different ways from every episode of the program. Rajini, who has been struggling in the Nepali film industry for a long time, got good response and audience’s love from each of her projects. She said that it is motivation and encouragement.

Although everything in life is not fulfilled, Rajini has said that as she strives, her steps will lead her to the pinnacle of success. She said that Rajini Prakash was afraid of Subedhi at other times, but now she openly appreciates him when he is in front of the camera. According to the guest of the program, since Nachla conducts the program in his own unique way, the producer said that he conducted the program after bringing Akash. Akash Puja, Durgesh Thapa are artists, because it is the media’s job to encourage the good work done by them and alert them to the bad work, that is why he is giving continuity, said Subedhi.

Subedhi has said that he is doing his work in the field of communication, because of that, even if someone’s heart is hurt when he suddenly hears it, everyone will understand and become good friends. Rajini has said that she likes Prakash Subedhi dai because he speaks the truth of whatever he says in the media. Prakash has said that many of his heroines have brotherly love and relationship, but he has said that his love does not affect his house in any way. He said that because of such a good relationship with people, the best of them are sometimes close and sometimes far away. He said that it is the law of nature that when to talk to friends in friendship and when to stay away, they keep it to themselves.

Since human life is a drama, he said that sometimes it goes up and down. Sometimes it is good and sometimes bad. Subedhi said that human life is made by the relationships between people near and far. Actions that have been done in the film industry from past to present time. They talk in the garden. Humans have advanced their fields by struggling a lot in life, people are in the wrong hands about what to get respect and insult from one another, which changes people in life, media is also needed for any work for people. Now people are busy in their own ways to make their journeys successful, which will bring many benefits to mankind.

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