Why did Rajendra Lingden praise Oli so much?

When the state and House of Representatives elections are coming, the parties are going to the elections in alliance, National Independent Party President Rajendra Lingden, talking to Rishi Dhamala, has said that he has gone to the elections in alliance with UML.  On November 4, the people changed their opinion and said that they should vote for people who are intellectuals, capable and capable of working for the country and the people.

Lingden praised Oli and said that he would become the prime minister himself. He said that a person like Rajendra Linden is needed to get the country out of the crisis and start the path of development.  People have said that they are taking their steps forward by changing the place because they won’t win the election from the area where they are contesting.
Rajendra Lingden, President of the National People’s Party, visited various places in the program of meeting with the people, from the capital Kathmandu to the villages and towns.  He has said that he has come from village to village to end the status quo in the country, without doing any violent acts, to support the Ra Pra Pa, and to establish independence and unity in the country.
Lingden has said that when the industry business is opened in the village, the leader workers need shares, and when someone opens it privately, providing employment to two or four people, and providing service to the consumers, the strategy of the industry leader and the worker is to close the industry business by opening a union. Lingden said that as much as the leaders are guilty of spoiling this country, we the people who vote are guilty, so instead of abusing the leaders, he has requested us not to vote.

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