Why didn’t Sai Pallavi acting in an makeup advertisement

Famous South Indian actress Sai Pallavi is famous for her excellent acting. She has created a special place among the audience. She had her 29th birthday a few days ago. Actress Sai Pallavi has acted in Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films so far.

The actress, who started her acting career with the film Prem released in 2015, never had to look back. A feature of Sai Pallabi that has impressed everyone.She appears in any film without any makeup. The audience is amazed to hear this. Nowadays, there is a competition among the young women to look better than each other.

Sai Pallavi has acted in many films without makeup. Even if she has to, she can be seen wearing light makeup. In most of the films till date, she has been seen without makeup

Sai said in an interview that in her first film Premam, the director encouraged her to act without makeup. After that, the directors who worked in the film also encouraged her to act without makeup.

Sai says that she wants to boost the confidence of all the girls like her without wearing make-up in movies.
She was offered Rs 20 million for acting in an advertisement. She had rejected the offer. She did not know what to do with the money from such advertisements.””

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