Why do lizards color before chickens or eggs?

People are still unaware of the history of chickens. No one knows whether chickens came first or eggs first. Many people are confused as to whether chicken eggs came first or eggs came first.  Although there is evidence of the existence of chickens from birds that look like chickens, not everyone has believed in the existence of chickens since ancient times. Lizards change their color according to the seasons.  The story of lizards changing their color also seems to be different. Weight gain even when filling data in hard drive.

Many have speculated about how chickens were born and raised. The scientific name for chickens was 58,000 years ago. Gallus.  When chickens did not exist, two birds that looked like chickens but not chickens were mating to each other. The mating of these birds, which looked like chickens, showed a different kind of behavior. From their mating, a new protein appeared.  From the same protocaine a new kind of different evidence was seen.

In ancient times, the mating of these birds was followed by the emergence of a unique breed of chickpeas.  The prototype produced by the mating of birds is found to produce eggs by producing chickens. We often think that when we fill data in a hard drive, its weight increases.

Even if you don’t gain a lot of weight, you will gain a little bit of weight. Even if you use flash memory, even if there is some difference, when you enter data on hard disk, its weight will look different. Its code used as flash digital is 01.  Electrons are placed inside. The whole electron weighs. If the engine is increased then the weight increases. So the more data we add to the hard disk we use, the less it runs. Adding some material to any object will definitely change its weight.  It seems to have made a small difference.

The lizard changes color on its own. Many people wonder how the lizard changes its color. The lizard changes its limbs in three or four states. As the lizard’s body gets colder, it changes color to black.  The lizard changes its body color to attract the opposite sex even when it sees the lizard. Every time the lizard is in a calm mood, it turns its body color green.  According to a study, lizards have cells at the top of the aloe collar, with crystals at the bottom.

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