Why do volcanoes erupt?

Many natural disasters have occurred on the earth over a long period of time and volcano eruption is one of them. Many years ago, a lot of eruptions took place through which a lot of lands, mountains, lakes and terraces had formed on the earth. It is no wonder that volcanoes cause a lot of disasters because of their huge hot flames. In the past 10,000 years around 6000 volcanoes had erupted. Among them only ¼ th part of the volcanoes seemed to be active inside the earth. According to scientific research, the first eruption took place in Indonesia around 70,000 years ago.and because of it the earth froze with cold for about 6 years.  

In this video, the journalist has provided a report about the pros and cons of the volcano eruption. He is talking about whether the eruption is always harmful or does it also cause some good effects on the earth. Volcano is a rupture in the crust of a planetary-mass object, such as Earth which allows hot volcanic ash, lava and different gases to escape from a magma chamber below the surface. The upper surface objects of the earth are slowly passed down inside the earth and after very long years it reaches inside the inner core of the earth and gets melted and forms the hot liquid lava. When the lava gets too hot then by making the way it tries to come above the earth surface and in a very long period of time the lava comes out of the earth surface causing the volcano eruption. There are different types of volcanic eruptions and they are divided as Shield volcanoes, Cinder cones, Composite volcano and Caldera.

First of all let’s talk about Shield volcano. It is that type of volcano which passes through the slope and is explored to a larger extent. When it erupts, the lava from it travels to the high earth atmosphere.

Second one is Cinder cones, which are small in size when compared with Shield volcano and hold a huge amount of hot ashes but the lava is small.

Third one is the Composite volcano which is in cone shape and consists of a big hole in the middle of it. From the hole different components like-lava, ashes, baluwa explored out. 

Fourth one is Caldera volcano and it is one of the most erupted volcanoes among all because when it erupted instead of forming new forms on the earth surface it formed caldera and compacted in one place. 

The temperature inside the earth surface is very high which is more than 5000 degree celsius.

And it holds the capability of melting all the objects which forms the hot liquid called magma and lava. Because of its arruption it not only changes the structure of the Earth surface but also causes huge disaster of earthquake in the sea and on the land. 

Though it causes a lot of disasters on the earth surface, according to the scientist it is very necessary to erupt the volcano on the earth surface. Because of the high temperature inside the core of the earth, it helps in the formation of different kinds of interior gases and when these gases explode out in the form of lava, then the inner core of the earth cools down.  Because of this, it provides a way of forming a stable environment. It helps in the formation of himalayas and mountains. The rocks formed by the volcano are very useful for the formation of houses and a lot of minerals, carbon dioxide, sulphur dioxide also came out during the eruption which are very useful on the earth for various purposes. 

Carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide are very useful to absorb the rays of the sun and return back the harmful rays coming out of the sun. This process is very useful in creating the stable environment which is named by the “Global Warming process”.  Many priceful stones also came out during this process which cost a lot of money in the market. The magnesium and iron enriched soil formed from the volcano eruption can be very useful for fertility and good crop productions. Though it causes a lot of harm to the earth’s environment, it is equally useful and beneficial to the ecosystem. 

At this time, around 500 volcanoes are in active state and half of them are the parts of “Ring Of Fire”. Ring of fire is the part of the Prasanta Mahasagar and it is called as one of the most harmful forms of volcano. Though a lot of progress has been made by the scientists, the rescue from the disasters like-volcano cannot be eliminated by them during this long period and there is no other way of escaping from it to get alive so we have to accept the natural process of the environment and move on from it.  

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