Why is Prachanda so frustrated with politics lately? What does it mean to have no choice but to die or fight?

Lately, politics in Nepal has been disrupted due to which there is no trust in each other. Politics is going on in such a way that people have even died.  It has been felt that there has been no change. The people are not only worried about the lack of development. The leaders are also very worried about the lack of respect for their position.  Criticism of others has been felt to be fatal for Nepal and nepalis.


Many people have wrongly criticized the recent remarks of Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda, Chairman of the Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist Center. His remarks are more likely to go to war.  Prachanda, who joined the government after ten years of people’s war, was considered a failed leader by the people. Prachanda, who was once considered as a tiger, is now crying in the open.

Prachanda’s violent remarks have made everyone feel that he is depressed. According to his remarks, KP Oli has been found guilty. He has been found guilty because of Oli.  I am indebted to the martyrs. I have not been able to do what I said. I have reached the point of losing faith through the people. Now all I have to do is wake up the leaders and activists.

Now is the time to do or die in politics. Many martyrs, missing persons, mutilated, disabled people cannot surrender because of their debts. Now the journey is to lose or die. Soul killing is not all wrong.  Salvation can be achieved. The statement that one should either commit suicide or fight for liberation in a revolutionary way at full risk has been criticized. Is the people’s war really appropriate for the benefit of the country and the people?  Leaders who fight for the country cannot do anything even when they reach the leadership level. The people are suffering because they do not allow others to do the same.

His remarks at a conference of 22 revolutionary students, who said he was under a lot of stress, did not go down well.  These tears are just a kind of tears in the eyes of the people. Nepali citizens understand that no one in Nepali politics is a citizen who works for the people and fulfills their own interests by deceiving the people for various reasons.  The people have felt blown away. The leaders who are more fond of their seats than the citizens of the country have run away lately. As a result, a kind of trust has been lost in the people.  Have been receiving assistance from.

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