Why is the dog festival celebrated: This is the glory

The dog that protects the household and the people living in the 12 Rasi and also reduces waste is known as a protector.  Dog Tihar is being celebrated today by honoring the dog and giving it sweet food along with worshiping at home.  Although some dogs have bad habits, dogs that are raised with love are loyal to their owners.

Any dog ​​lacks love, a dog that gets love is always a protector.  Although Kukur Tihar falls on the second day of Yamapanchak i.e. Diwali festival, this year it falls on the third day due to changes in dates.  They said that Chaturdashi and Kukur Tihar should be celebrated on the day of Chaturdashi at sunrise.  On the day of Kartik Krishna Chaturdashi, the dog was given sweet food.
 According to the theologians, the dog festival is celebrated based on the religious belief that dogs named Shyam and Sabal, who live as gatekeepers at Yamaraj’s door, leave the road when going to Yamalok.  There is a religious belief that a dog born in the clan of Vaivaswat Manvantar accompanied Dharma King Yudhishthira on his journey to heaven. Dogs are considered obedient and reliable pets.

The number of people who believe that keeping a dog at home does not cause heart disease and diabetes is also increasing.  Recently, the number of people who keep dogs is increasing.  When the dog is given proper love and training from childhood, they become so clever and loyal and work with honesty.  The theologian Gautam said that there is also a method of bathing on Naraka Chaturdashi due to religious beliefs.  It is customary to bathe with sesame oil on all five days of Yamapanchak or Tihar.

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