why look at water photos of Khagendra? What kind of people do you like?

After the ravages of Corona are decreasing, the movies are hitting the theaters one after the other, the artists are giving their talents to the market day by day. Menuka, who keeps laughing in any situation, has said that movies have become suitable for society. She said that Khagendra used to do what he wanted to do, and was equally interested in everything. He said that the things that have happened, seen and experienced in life have been included in the movie in a fun way.

Artist Menuka Pradhan and Malika Mahat, who has made a distinct identity in the Nepali music video and film industry, are constantly respecting the artistry sector, and are constantly striving to make each of their steps successful day by day. It has been found that Menuka and Malika have an important role in the movie “Paani Photo” which is going to be released in La Hall on July 13th. After the lockdown, the films that are playing in the theaters day by day, some of them get a good market, while some of them are unable to raise the investment themselves, so the production team is in a very difficult situation.

Menuka said that the movie was made by covering real events and imagined events in the society, and it was a lot of fun from shooting the movie to other activities. Malika has said that when she enters the field of film music video artistry, now people who know her are more heartbroken than herself. Menuka and Malika said that because they are not so open and close to everyone, even though people call them arrogant and lazy, their habit is to speak less, but when they meet and talk to people, they communicate closely with people. , later they told that it was not what they thought.

As the movie Pani Photo is made in a fun social environment, everyone has requested to come to the theater to watch the movie. Malika Mahat, who is very popular in Nepali music videos, got a lot of attention from “Phulbutte Sari”, she has been in the hearts of the audience with many music videos in recent times. He said. Paule has said that the moments in Bivad were fun and life was going well.

Malika says that she prefers this field because she likes to act a lot in life. Malika says that she considers her grandmother as the closest person, and she says that she gets a lot of inspiration from her mother. Menuka and Malika, who are sitting in the heart of the audience after presenting their performance in the Nepali music video movie, are very much liked by the audience when they are presented in a different way in the new movie. Malika has said that love is the happiness of others. He said that since the two people’s opinions are compatible with each other, they share things while working on how to move forward.

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