Why PHOTO FIRIMMA 2 was removed from Youtube??

Shishir Bhandari latest song Photo Firm has two songs in dispute. Shishir is tense after the last letter of 2 handkerchiefs in the photo shoot is to give back the memory of Maya, the old popular song Aunthi Chino is to give back the memory of love.

Many people have put the parts of these two songs on the ticket. Shishir Bhandari has already given his opinion on this issue.He said that some words of Nepali songs have been found in many songs before and even now the words of many songs are found. He said that he did not know the words for the song from the song.

The Rano song was written by Surya Kumar Chhetri, who is now deceased. Shishir has apologized for the impact of the song’s lyrics. Shashiri, taking advice and consultation from the audience, said that he is ready to make improvements in this song.Meanwhile, Shishir has removed two songs from YouTube . Shishir said this through video after many people asked why the song was removed. Meanwhile, the song has been re-recorded by changing some words of the song. Pratap Das, Rachna Rimal and Kumar Abhi have sung again.

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