Why take a shower, classical method of bathing without water

According to Dharma Deb Aryal, a person can bathe without water. The human body has 9 doors through which the impurities of our body come out. Water is needed to clean the impurities coming out of the human body.  People have tiny pores all over their body, from which bad substances in the body come out in the form of sweat. After sweating, these pores are removed.  It helps in survival. People should get rid of the dirt inside their body on a daily basis, if possible, many diseases can be avoided. Therefore, people should take a bath daily to keep their body clean and tidy.  When you wake up in the morning and start your life, all the activities are active.

The human tongue also starts with the morning, which is why a person imagines many things as soon as he wakes up. A different side is chosen in the human tongue than expected. Man needs strength in his body to do any work.  This is because of the fact that a person has to work all day long to be energized. Unless a person is mentally satisfied, he is not considered fit to do any work.  It should be, therefore, to start your life, it seems necessary to make yourself agile in all respects.

If a person gets sick, he seems to be disturbed in every way. It is better to prevent the disease than to treat it, so to protect his body from disease, people should pay special attention to physical fitness, exercise, hygiene and food.  This is because of the fact that a person can avoid many diseases. So when a person bathes his body daily, he can avoid many diseases.  People have said that bathing in the river is very good for them. It is said that people have to take bath by bathing process without being forced to take bath.

There are seven ways to bathe a person. There are seven ways to bathe a person. He said that he can keep his body clean and move his body in a new way. According to the scriptures, there are seven ways to bathe.  It is possible to take a bath with water. A person can take a bath by touching the soil of a clean place, but a person can take a bath with fire.  According to the scriptures, a person can take a bath by taking off his clothes, standing in a place where there is wind, and applying air on his body.

According to the scriptures, water can purify the body by bathing not only with water, but also in other ways.  It is said that if a person takes a bath in the rain that falls suddenly, he will be cleansed. If he takes a bath in the rain, his sins will be forgiven.  Bathing is done to cleanse the body. It cleanses the human body and keeps the person healthy. We are told to bathe with 99% water at most in life.  Also called mental bath.

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