Why the wonderful child Aditya is being kept away from the society

Aditya Dahal is known as Nepal’s Google Boy. The Samayachakra crew visited Aditya Residence. When the crew arrives at his residence, they notice a temple, which they describe as a gold temple. They couldn’t go into the temple since they weren’t authorized.

From the Google website Google Boy of Nepal, Aditya Dahal is well-known. He claims to be able to write in Nepali, English, Korean, Chinese, and a variety of other languages despite having never attended school. He’s also supposed to have the ability to foresee the future. He is unable to talk and is believed to respond by writing on paper. He is believed to have first surprised his parents by writing the names of all the countries in the globe, as well as the names of their presidents. He is also claimed to recall the names and occupations of everyone he encounters, as well as the meanings of any words he is asked and even the meanings of terms in foreign languages. Although many people are surprised, credentialed scientists are not astounded, and many people are agitated. The team went their to know truth about the boy. what he really was.
The Aditya Foundation was established in his honor for philanthropic objectives, and the government’s senior officials have frequently contributed large sums of money to it. PM KP Oli explained that the contribution was made to a charity that supports different activities including as yoga, rather than to Aditya directly. Dip Kumar Upadhyaya, he said, will become Nepal’s ambassador to India.

He had projected that the new constitution would be promulgated by the end of 2072 BS, albeit he had not specified a specific date. On September 20, 2015, Nepal’s new constitution went into force (3 Ashoj 2072 B.S). On October 12, 2015, Khadka Prasad Oli took office.
when the team inter into his Residence, they found a man who said, meeting Maha guru is impossible.

The crew arrived to ask Aditya a few questions, but they advised that you should give Aditya all of the questions before questioning him. They even stated that he is unable to speak.

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