Why was Dr. Surendra surprised to hear Oli’s speech?

Dr. Surendra KC, who has been debating on various contemporary issues from Nepali politics, has brought out the various processes taking place in Nepal in the future. He has said that many people in Nepal are doing one thing, but he is very embarrassed. He raised the issue that he was surprised when he heard the speech of KP Oli who changed his speech and behavior by entering into Nepali politics.

He said that there is a need for a person who will change the face of the country according to the wishes of the people of Nepal and that there is no place for a person who will destroy society. Dr. Surendra has said that the leaders are trying to fulfill their selfish interests without working according to policy principles and legislation. Ser Bahadur, the leader who set the price for Prachanda’s head yesterday, is now contesting the election together.Now  Harka and Balen, Rabi coming into politics, Balen has said that it is a matter of conception for the people of Nepal and Nepal.

Dr. K. C. has said that people who have been supporting the parties till date, in the days to come, people who have a clean image and are active in working should be supported in politics. According to Dr. Surendra KC, saying that a person is successful in one job does not mean that he will be successful in all. He said that in Nepal, people who say bad words like ‘prem ale samp’ become ministers and people who say that they have got the love of the people do not succeed in politics. He said that being in the heart, being responsible, saying that you will work and showing it by doing are different things.

He said that it is not fixed that Rabindra Mishra, who is loved by the people, will succeed after coming into politics because he is a failed person. He said that there are big cases in Nepal in which a person who is the Prime Minister of the country is involved, even in such places, in the country where nothing happens, ordinary citizens are punished by imposing big rules and laws. Kesi said that people should take steps forward with a vision for the development of the country, and every conscious citizen of the society should support it.

Dr. Surendra Kesi is outraged that the people who are becoming the cause of the poor, helpless people of the country, are now in jail, and people who do corruption and bad activities in the country are roaming outside. He said that although KC Madhab and Prachanda are actively involved in the race to ensure their victory and KP Oli is in the race to win the election, Ser Bahadur is also an established character who will move forward by establishing a coalition. Since the leader of Nepal is a professional worker, he has said that the people are doing the work of making the people suffer and the leader has not done the work of getting rid of the people.

He said that Vivek has not been able to do anything in Nepal, and bad politics can lead to a situation like Ukraine. He said that even though some leaders should run the parliament, the people are suffering due to the stubbornness of some leaders and the habit of not allowing them to keep their salaries and allowances. When a ghost enters a person, because they don’t know what they are doing, because Prachanda and Madhab Kumar have a ghost that can be UML, they said that they are not engaged in other work now. He said that he is cutting his own legs.

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