Will Neeta Dhungana & Harihar Adhikari wedding really happen?

Harihar Adhikari is a renowned astrologer and an actor of the Nepali Television industry. He firstly came into limelight from his Television program “Margha Darshan” where he tried to look the horoscope and birth chart of many people. His program has been like by many Nepalese people.

. According to Harihar the program will be re launched soon. He also plays as an actor in a movie named “Shuva love” though the film does not gain much more popularity. In the recent days he is working with actress Neeta Dhungana. Neeta Dhungana is a fine actress, director and producer of the Nepali TV industry. She is working in this industry from many years. Recently she is working oh her project by collaborating with Astrologer Harihar Dhungana. A few days ago, they both are called on the comedy show named “Mundre ko comedy club”.

According to them, they really enjoyed the show a lot. In that show Harihar was welcomed for the second time but it was the first experience for Neeta Dhungana. According to Harihar, while comparing with the experiences, his second experience in the show is much better than the first one, where he finds improvement in the creativity of the artist. Outside the show, they are interviewed with some random questions by the interviewer. Some questions are raised relating with their work, some with their next move, some with their new project i.e. what new they are going to be brought in the Nepali market. The questions are also asked about the probability of their marriage. Will there be a possibility of getting marriage between them in the month of Baishak? While raising the question upon it, they did not give the exact answer but give some hints of having probability of marriage between them. Hope for the good news till the period of March.

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