Will the Nepal Government close the illegal mobiles from Shrawan 1?

The Nepal Government is going to launch the Mobile device management system from Shrawan 1. It is said that when this type of system is launched then none of the illegal mobiles will be run in the market. 

Then what does illegal mobile means? This means that Illegal mobile is a mobile that is not registered in Nepal Telecom like the mobiles that have come from the foreign countries like-India, China, USA, UK and many more. But the main problem that exists here is that many people are from villages i.e. mostly the old age people only have the knowledge of receiving and cutting the phone call. They only have the knowledge that the green symbol is for picking the call and the red signal is for cutting the call. In such a condition, can it be an effective and easy process for them to do the registration of their mobile phone as said by the Nepal government??

In some sense it is not an easy process for all of us. But the people of our young generation who can use mobile phones at ease should register their mobile phones if they have not been registered yet by visiting the Nepal Government Telecom site.

And there are many advantages to registering for it. Like as- if a person lost his/her mobile phone, then it will be easy to trace the location and can find the lost one. Or we can also make the phone  unwork or we can discard the sim in  case of mobile loss. We know that the phone we have been bought from the forein countries cannot run the nepali sim directly. So, the registration helps in this process as well. Nepal Government also gets the benefit from Revenue.

National Cyber Bureau Authority, 2078 has released a draft version in the nepali market.We can stay tuned to know more about the rules and regulations of cyber security in Nepal.

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