Will the war between Russia and Ukraine really stop? .

Russia and Ukraine have been holding talks in Turkey for over a month after the war. Although Russia has said it is positive about the agreement reached with Turkey, its promises appear to be meaningless, and there is no guarantee that Ukraine will not be attacked. Although the war was stopped after the two countries realized that a stalemate had arisen, Russia did not appear to have stopped the attack completely, although it did stop in many places.

Russia, which is reducing its size of the offensive, says it is seeking control of eastern Ukraine and the south. Russia’s war on Ukraine has claimed the lives of many Ukrainian cities and civilians. Russia’s Snake Woman has been captured by war drones. Irina Stakoriva has been fighting against Ukraine since 2014. Has killed. Irina, who lost her two daughters and her husband, was seriously injured in the war and was being treated in Ukraine by the Ukrainian army after being released by the Russian army.

Jelensky is a comedian who has not lost a battle. He has not been in politics for a long time. He has been featured in the comedy TV series Servant of the People, about how to talk to the heads of state and what to do. After being made, he became the President. Jelensky, the all-time favorite on the television series, won with a 73.1% majority after being favored by the people for the presidency.

Opposition groups called for Jelensky’s election campaign to be televised, but his campaign was backed by television. He has denied that the comedian could invade the country, and that Jelensky, who is currently living in his home country and is constantly confronting Russia, has said that the United States will help him leave the country.

Russia’s 69-year-old president is known as the ringleader of the ring. Born on October 7, 1952, in St. Petersburg, Russia, Putin’s father worked in the Soviet May, while his mother worked in a factory. From an early age, he was interested in world politics and military power. Due to financial constraints at home, Putin made money working as a mouse catcher. Putin dreamed of becoming a spy from an early age and wanted to join the KGB. Had begun their journey. Putin, who worked as a spy for 15 years, had two daughters. After divorcing his wife, he returned to politics.

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