Will we have a BABY GIRL? | A day in Ayanka Pregnancy | Pregnancy Vlog

Actress Priyanka Karki is currently pregnant. Most of the time, Priyanka’s activities are very popular on social media. The photos he shares are also very trolls on social media.
Meanwhile, all the pictures of Priyanka have been causing panic on social media lately. For her fans, Priyanka and her husband Ayushman Deshraj Joshi shared a picture on social media saying that they are pregnant. The picture was very popular.

Later, the scene of trying to feed juice to the unborn child also became a troll. Priyanka has also been following the flow of activities in Hollywood. Meanwhile, Priyanka and Ayushman have been uploading their various activities on YouTube.

By creating a blog, both of them have been uploading videos at least a week apart. Meanwhile, Ayushman has made a video a day ago and uploaded it, which has been viewed by around 600,000 people on YouTube in a single day.
As of this writing, the video has been viewed more than 563,000 times. Ayushman woke up Priyanka in the morning and cooked and fed her. He has also massaged Priyanka’s feet.

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