Willing to get along if Jerry improves her habits: shankar

Babita Bania, who was preparing to divorce, soon after her disappearance, her husband Sankar Chhetri came to the media and said that they can live together if they improve their habits. Sankar said that at the time of their meeting, both of them were not in the limelight and he became close because he liked him.

He said that yesterday he was together without anything, but now with marriage, children and business, he is forced to leave even though he does not want to be separated. Lately, Babita has said that she has only emphasized her point. Singer-singer duo Babita Bania ‘Jerry’ and Shankar Chhetri, who are in the process of divorce, attended Jerry’s Worth Day celebration party.Jerry, who was preparing for a divorce, had turned off social networks such as TikTok, Facebook, Viber, WhatsApp, etc., and had lost contact with her.

Jerry also said that they both got each other’s support. She mentioned that both of them became a support to each other saying that they met in a situation of struggle. Jerry and Shankar went to the court on Thursday to finalize the divorce. However, they could not sign the divorce agreement without a small linguistic misunderstanding.Jerry said that although the court called yesterday on Sunday, she did not go to the court because it was her birthday. Jeri did not say that their divorce will be finalized only after Tihar as the court is closed from today.

So far, there are many false news. It is true that we went through the court process. However, till today our case is pending, she said that even if we separate tomorrow or not, there is no revenge in love. Please don’t insult Sankar without understanding the truth. Jerry said that it was a mutual decision.We have taken this decision for the sake of the child as well, so that it will not be bad after the deviation in thoughts. (About Shankar being a hit on his support) The audience gets to analyze it from their own angle. Jeti said that since we met during the period of struggle, we moved forward by supporting each other.

Although all the well-wishers wish that our relationship should not be lost, we may not be able to fulfill the wishes of the audience. Sankar said that when they started quarreling, the two of them agreed to divorce and live separately. We are in the process of ending the husband-wife relationship through counseling. There is no happiness when the relationship ends.There is also the matter of the daughter. The daughter will legally stay with her mother until she reaches the age of five. Anyone can have it tomorrow. Sankar said that two people will take a decision after thinking about their daughter’s future.

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