Witch doctor assistant revealed the truth, the girl was beaten up for 3 days before death

The mothers themselves have come to the movement saying that we will cure them by weeding, saying that such acts should be stopped. Many people including Sita, the chairperson of the Center for Cultural Preservation and Social Development Nepal, have joined the movement to end violence in the name of witch doctor.  Uma should be jailed for life as it is a crime to kill someone with a tool. Criminals should be punished no matter who they are.  In Nepal, people still adhere to conservative culture, some cultures are good in all areas and some cultures are still perverted.

Mothers demand that those who cheat in the name of mothers should be punished, whoever plays on the pain of the victims should be severely punished.  Mother Sira has requested not to fall into the trap of lying and sacrificing as Dhamijhankri fights with ghosts.  Rosni Shrestha, who was studying in class 6, had a general headache problem. When she was taken to the hospital for check-up, a normal report came out.  She said that she had been cured of her cancer and believed that it would be cured sooner.  No one knew that Rosanika’s mother’s dreams would suddenly turn into sorrow.

It has been seen that people take advantage of the straightforwardness of the common people, take advantage of them and rob them, some of them even spread perversion beyond measure. There is no greater sin than beating innocent children in the form of God.  Asking her daughter, she went to her house. She convinced Rosen’s mother that she had been cured of her cancer, believing that a few days of treatment would cure her.  The mother was being treated by her mother for a long time. As she was away, the mother told Rosani’s mother, “Your daughter is like my daughter. You are far away to come and go. Leave your daughter here. We will treat her. She will come later.”  She did not agree.

On Friday, Rosani’s mother called her and told her how she was sleeping in her room, better than her daughter.  Rosani’s mother said that she had gone to her mother’s house. Rosani had lost her life when she reached there.  He is alleged to have been stabbed to death by his relatives after other people checked his body and found bruises all over his body.

The mother-in-law also said that she first brought him out and then threw him inside. The locals also said that they would stand up for what was wrong. Even today, people are killing each other.  She had gone to her mother’s house saying that her daughter was a good. But her dreams suddenly came to an end.  To get something, to take the life of another is not to fall behind. Others cry for their own happiness, because of which one person now has no special basis to believe in another.

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