Witchcraft Market | Mercado de Sonora

Superstition has been the world’s most serious problem, not only in developing countries but also in developed countries. This market specializes in a wide range of products, including pottery, party supplies, and live animals as well as the two goods that set it apart: herbal medicine and objects related to magic and the occult.

Sonora Market is Mexico’s largest esoteric market and a must-see for mystics. Everyday problems can be solved with a miraculous soap, a holy-water spray, or an intoxicating love potion made with toloache, a hallucinogenic plant. A wide range of things are available here, from fruits and vegetables to bread and shampoo, as well as caged hens and dogs. Almost anything is available for purchase.

From Voodoo to Santa, Sonora is home to a wide variety of vernacular faiths. These ideas are often combined with Catholicism, resulting in an amazing blend of imagery and ceremonies.

It is a term used to describe huge and small paper sculptures, which are made in the market and surrounding area. To create figures and other decorations for use in community festivals is a practice that dates back hundreds of years. There is a significant demand for Day of the Dead decorations, especially skeletons, as well as Holy Week, when “Judas” is burned in effigy. According to Christian mythology, the Judas figure is based on the betrayer of Christ. It is also possible to use other figures that are distasteful. Political figures, especially those who have been in power, are among them.

In the other aisles of the market, you’ll find a variety of specialty items. The state of Guanajuato produces a lot of pottery and plates for everyday usage. Here you’ll find everything from plates to bowls to coffee cups to huge platters and much more. Glass pieces, which are less expensive than pottery, are sprinkled in among the classic pots and bowls. There is also a standard toy and party favor section. However, inexpensive plastic toys are slowly replacing traditional wooden, linen and clay toys. Dolls, tops, yo-yos, cup-and-ball, and many more are examples of this type of item.

Due to street vendors and poor building care, the market’s state has been considerably damaged. Nearly all of the peddler’s disguise the actual market, and they foster a lack of security and sanitation in the marketplace. Since its construction, the building has also been poorly maintained.  Leaky roofs, crumbling ramped floors, and unsanitary conditions are all the result of the lack of maintenance. Vendors claim that most of the problems are caused by local officials who are known to take advantage of them by extorting money from them In the past, there have been attempts to remove street vendors from market parking zones.

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